Attesa Super Titanium

Attesa Titanium (Super)

Citizen watches aren’t just popular for their innovative technology, but also the tough materials they are made from. If you want a truly reliable Japanese domestic market timepiece, the Citizen Attesa Titanium is a super choice. It has a high degree of wear and scratch resistance, yet this distinctive watch is still comfortable. Whether you want this stylish watch for yourself or as a gift, there’s only one place to get it without the hassle: Shopping in Japan.

  • Citizen Attesa CB3010-57E

    Citizen Attesa CB3010-57E Eco-Drive Atomic

    On sales again for Citizen Attesa CB3010-57E that have the case and bracelet made of Super Titanium with the Duratect protective coating made it 40% lighter than stainless steel. This Attesa CB3010-57E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

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  • CB1070-56L

    Citizen Attesa CB1070-56L Eco-Drive

    On sales again at lower price for this Citizen Attesa CB1070-56L Direct Flight that comes with blue dial, Perfex Radio Multi Band, Sapphire glass, and has Titanium alloy TIC Case material. This Eco-Drive CB1070-56L is a JDM...

    $478.00 $418.00
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  • Citizen Attesa

    Citizen Attesa CB0120-55E Eco-Drive

    Price down now on this Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive CB0120-55E that comes with Sapphire Crystal, Perfex Multi 3000 radio band, and has Duratect TIC (Titanium Carbide) material. This Attesa CB0120-55E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)...

    $534.00 $484.00
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  • Citizen Attesa AT8044-56E

    Citizen Attesa AT8044-56E Eco-Drive

    Price down now on this Attesa AT8044-56E Direct Flight that has Perfex Multi 3000 Radio Controlled, Duratec DLC Hardened Titanium, and Perpetual Calendar. This Citizen Eco-Drive AT8044-56E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)...

    $1,038.00 $938.00
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  • Attesa AT8040-57E

    Citizen Attesa AT8040-57E Eco-Drive

    We sell directly from Japan on this Citizen AT8040-57E Eco-Drive watch has many cool features including 4 area Atomic Radio Controlled time keeping reception, Perpetual Calendar, 1/20sec Chronograph, and World time. This Attesa AT8040-57E...

    $776.00 $696.00
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