G-Shock Gravitymaster

The G-Shock Gravitymaster was designed to deliver the precision that pilots need from a high-quality timepiece. G-Shock watches are already known for their durability and resistance to a wide range of hazards: from water and electricity, to impacts and magnets. The Casio Gravitymaster adds a precise chronograph and a range of functions in a pilot watch that make the sky the limit for any fine watch aficionado.

  • Baselworld 2015 G-Shock GPS GPW-1000TBS-1AJF

    G-Shock GPS GPW-1000TBS Baselworld 2015

    Still available for sales from Japan on this BRAND NEW and rare Baselworld 2015 G-Shock GPS GPW-1000TBS-1AJF that comes with Titanium 64 Alloy (Ti64) Bezel with Aged IP treatment, and has a hardened look with gold ion...

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  • G-Shock GPW-1000T-1A

    G-Shock GPS Titanium GPW-1000T-1AJF Gravitymaster

    Price down now on this Casio Hybrid GPS satellite Terrestrial radio wave GPW-1000T-1AER Gravitymaster  that comes with DLC Titanium bezel and has brightness LED light. Specifications: Triple G Resist Shock structure Titanium 64...

  • Casio G-Shock GPS Gravity Master Watch GPW-1000-2AJF

    Casio G-Shock GPS GPW-1000-2AJF Gravity Master

    For sales brand new from Japan on this G-Shock GPS GPW-1000-2AER that accented with orange that often used as an emergency color and plus navy blue coloring that capture the aviation spirit. This Gravity Master GPW-1000-2A is a...

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  • Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF GPS Aviator GPW-1000RAF

    Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF GPS Aviator

    For sales best price on this Casio G-Shock GPS Aviator GPW-1000RAF (JP MPN : GPW-1000RAF-1AJR) Royal Air Force Limited that comes with Zulu time which developed in conjunction with RAF pilots, and colours synonymous with the ROYAL AIR...

    $1,233.00 $1,108.00
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  • Black Casio G-Shock GPS Watch GPW-1000-1B Aviation

    Casio G-Shock GPS GPW-1000-1BJF

    Price down again for this GPS GPW-1000-1BJF (GPW-1000-1BER) Aviation that comes with GPS Hybrid radio atomic waves, Solar charging system, and sapphire glass.   Specifications: GPS hybrid with Multiband 6 radio waves GPS...

  • Black and Blue Casio G-Shock GPS Watch

    Casio G-Shock GPS GPW-1000-1AJF

    Few left now on this G-Shock GRAVITYMASTER GPW-1000-1AER Aviation Hybrid Wave Ceptor that comes with self-adjusting time zones, DLC processed bezel, and Carbon fiber insert band. This Casio Aviation GPW-1000-1A is a JDM...

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  • Casio G-Shock GW-4000R-4AJF

    Casio G-Shock GW-4000R-4AJF Sky Cockpit

    For sales at lower price on this Casio G-Shock GW-4000R-4AJF Gravity Defier (Sky Cockpit) that comes with Triple G resist, Resin Band, Atomic Multiband 6, and World time. This G-Shock GW-4000R-4A is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

    $488.00 $428.00
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  • Casio G-Shock GW-A1130-1AJR

    Casio G-Shock GW-A1130-1AJR 30th Anniversary Limited

    Still availanle best price on this Casio G-Shock GW-A1130-1AJR 30th Anniversary Limited that comes with the Smart Access fuction, Sapphire glass, atomic time, and Digital compass. This Sky Cockpit (Gravity Defier) GW-A1130-1AJR is a...

    $1,208.00 $1,088.00
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  • Casio G-Shock Sky Cockpit GW-A1100FC-1AJF

    Casio G-Shock Sky Cockpit GW-A1100FC-1AJF

    We are now selling best price of ths G-Shock GW-A1100FC-1A Gravity Master Aviation that features the Smart Access crown, Atomic multiband 6, and Anti-reflective coating sapphire glass. This G-Shock GW-A1100FC-1AER Aviation...

    $598.00 $528.00
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  • GA-1000-1AER Casio G-Shock Sky Cockpit GA-1000-1AJF NEON

    Casio G-Shock Sky Cockpit GA-1000-1AJF NEON

    We are now selling lower price of this G-Shock Gravity Defier GA-1000-1A (Aviation) NEON model that comes with Japanese Quartz, Shock Resistance, Digital compass, Thermometer, and Neon-illuminator. This Casio Aviation...

    $237.00 $197.00
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  • GW-A1100-1A3JF

    Casio G-Shock Cockpit Sky GW-A1100-1A3JF

    Price down now on this G-Shock GWA1100-1A3 Gravity Defier that comes with Electronic crown switch (Smart Access), Digital compass, multi-band 6, and Sapphire glass (Anti-reflective coating). This GW-A1100-1A3 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch...

    $522.00 $462.00
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  • G-Shock GW-A1030A-1AJR

    Casio G-Shock GW-A1030A-1AJR Sky Cockpit Limited

    On sales at best price for the Casio G-Shock GW-A1030A-1AJR (GW-A1030A-1AER) Sky Cockpit Aviation 30th anniversary commemorative model watch that Engraved Casio 30 stars, based on Casio's Gravity Defier series, which features functions that are...

    $836.00 $746.00
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