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In-ear Earphones

  • Sony XBA-A3 Balanced Armature Headphones

    On sales the Sony XBA-A3 Balanced Armature Headphones that comes with innovative HD hybrid 3-way driver unit (16mm dynamic driver unit and two Balanced Armature driver units), these headphones deliver rich bass, smooth mids and clear treble...

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  • JVC

    JVC HA-FX1100 Wooden In-Ear Headphones

    On sales best price for this JVC Kenwood In-Ear HA-FX1100 wooden earphones with Hi Resolution Audio quality and have a wood ring absorber for natural sound which helps in absorbing any disturbances and unnecessary vibrations. The new Top Tier...

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  • MDR-EX1000 Sony MDR-EX1000

    Sony MDR-EX1000 In-Ear Headphones

    We are now selling lower price of this Sony MDR-EX1000 In-Ear Headphones that comes with Noise Isolating, Volume Control, Gold-plated Stereo Mini, and 7 sizes hybrid ear piece. The EX1000 also has Frequency range of 3 Hz - 30 kHz...

  • HA-FX700 Wooden JVC HA-FX700


    JVC HA-FX700 Stereo Wooden Earphones

    For sales at lowest price on this JVC HA-FX700 Stereo Wooden Earphones comes with 10 mm Wood Dome Driver Unit, and with Frequency Response 6 - 26,000 Hz. The HA-FX700 earphones also has Maximum Input of 200 mW. We are Top...