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When you want the best audio equipment, trust the tech experts in Japan to give you a sound experience like no other. Our Japan online audio store carries some of the most advanced equipment in the world, offering the latest in technology to give you a great sound. When you want to experience the full capabilities of your Japanese electronics, like TVs, game systems, and stereos, then make sure you’re getting the best audio accessories on the market.

  • Sony IER-M9 In-Ear Headphones

    For sales from Japan for the Sony IER-M9 in-ear headphones that penta balanced armature system for optimal stage sound and magnesium diaphragm super tweeter. Specifications: HEADPHONE TYPE : Closed, Penta Balanced Armature DRIVER UNIT...

    NZ$2,249.44 NZ$2,038.41
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  • Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X Air Dynamic Headphone

    For sales from Japan for the Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X Air Dynamic Headphone that feather-light honeycomb casings and magnesium alloy componentry, these headphones give you hours of stunning stereo listening, without fatigue...

    NZ$1,145.83 NZ$1,028.59
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  • Oyaide R0 Audio Mijinko Signature Wall Outlet

    We sell best price on this Oyaide R0 receptacle wall outlet that has a High Quality Beryllium Copper base material at 20 AMP rating, and has inherited of SWO-ULTIMO series on its basic exterior design. This Oyaide R0 Audio Mijinko...

    NZ$184.46 NZ$145.38
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  • Oyaide C-004 IEC Connector

    On sales now at best price for the Oyaide C-004 IEC Connector that comes with Beryllium Copper which can provides maximum conductivity, strength, and a secure contact. The Oyaide IEC Connector has layer of platinum (.5 micron) is...

    NZ$165.70 NZ$134.44
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  • Oyaide MTS-6 Power Distributor

    For sales lower price on this Oyaide MTS-6 Power Supply Tap that made of highly rigid stainless steel which is non-magnetic SUS 304. It protects from not only vibration but also electric-magnetic wave or external noise contermination...

    NZ$364.23 NZ$309.51
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  • Oyaide MTB-4 Power Strip

    We are now selling best price from Japan on this Oyaide MTB-4 Power Strip that employed 2.0mm 4N silver wire for its internal wiring connection. Usually, an annealing process is applied for un-stiffening the metals. However, Skin-Pass process...

    NZ$622.15 NZ$543.99
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  • Oyaide Electrical Power Strip Distributor MTB-6

    Price down for this Oyaide MTB-6 Power Strip that made of 2.0mm thick brass board which is highly rigid and has excellent vibration damping property. For Its surface treatment, a combination of nickel and chrome plating is applied to control...

    NZ$701.88 NZ$615.90
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  • Audio Technica ATH-W1000Z Wooden Headphones

    On sales now for this Audio-Technica ATH-W1000Z (Maestoso) that designed with Pure American black cherry wood that can reproduces magnificent natural playback 3D wing support for a great fit and long-wearing fortLarge 53mm aperture drivers...

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  • Sony  MDR-Z1000 Headphones

    Sony MDR-Z1000 Headphones

    For sales from Japan on this high-end Sony MDR-Z1000 Studio Monitor Headphones that employs the Liquid Crystal Polymer drivers for highly accurate sound quality. This MDR-Z1000 also feature a gold plated over-the-head design with a powerful 24 ohm...

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  • Sony XBA-300 Balanced Armature In-Ear

    Sony XBA-300 Balanced Armature In-Ear

    We are now selling best price from Japan on this Sony XBA-300 (Japanese ver.) High Resolution In Ear Headphones that features a Triple Balanced Armature and direct-drive structure to the woofer. Features: High-Resolution Audio capability Triple...

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