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When you want the best audio equipment, trust the tech experts in Japan to give you a sound experience like no other. Our Japan online audio store carries some of the most advanced equipment in the world, offering the latest in technology to give you a great sound. When you want to experience the full capabilities of your Japanese electronics, like TVs, game systems, and stereos, then make sure you’re getting the best audio accessories on the market.

  • Sony XBA-A3 Balanced Armature Headphones

    On sales the Sony XBA-A3 Balanced Armature Headphones that comes with innovative HD hybrid 3-way driver unit (16mm dynamic driver unit and two Balanced Armature driver units), these headphones deliver rich bass, smooth mids and clear treble...

    NZ$853.51 NZ$751.90
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  • Sony XBA-A2 In-Ear Hi-Fi Headphones

    For sales best price on this Sony XBA-A2 that comes with Rich bass, an accurate mid-range, and crystal-clear highs – experience pristine sound across the entire frequency range with a 3-way hybrid driver system...

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  • Sony XBA-Z5 In-Ear Headphones

    Sony XBA-Z5 In-Ear Headphones

    We are now selling best price of this Sony XBA-Z5 in-ear headphones that constructed of rigid magnesium to minimize vibration-induced distortion for sound that's clean and accurate. Exceptional in-ear soundUnless you've heard an...

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  • Sony SRS-X55 Multi-room Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    Japan lowest price for this SRS-X55 Multi-room Portable Speaker that comes with with Bluetooth NFC One-touch streaming. All your music will sound its best with S-Master digital amplification and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE). So listen to...

    NZ$395.49 NZ$340.78
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  • SAEC SHC-U300FSH 3.0m Li Cable for Shure

    We are now selling best price of SAEC SHC-U300FSH Li Cable Headphone cable 3.0m for Shure that able to adopt the right-and-left independent cable structure to the conductor structure. Specifications SAEC original gold-plated stereo...

    NZ$412.68 NZ$350.16
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  • SAEC SHC-U300FSH 1.5m Li Cable for Shure

    For sales best price for the SAEC SHC-U300FSH 1.5m for Shure that comes with PCOCC-A conductor which use for high-end audio cable and can reproduce a high resolution of sound. Specifications SAEC original gold-plated stereo standard...

    NZ$348.59 NZ$286.07
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  • Oyaide Tunami Terzo V2 XLR Cable 1.3m Pair

    On sales at lower price here for Oyaide Tunami Terzo XX V2 XLR Cable that comes with 1.3m Length and has basic structure inherited primary "TUNAMI TERZO" or the world's first introduction "3E twist" patented technology twisting conductor...

    NZ$537.74 NZ$459.58
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  • Oyaide Tunami Terzo V2 XLR Cable 0.7m Pair

    For sales best price on this Oyaide Tunami Terzo XX V2 XLR Cable that comes with 0.7m Length and has Insulating material with use of high molecular polyolefin which is extremely low value of dielectric constant 1/4 compared to PVC...

    NZ$465.83 NZ$403.31
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  • Oyaide Tunami Terzo V2 XLR Cable 1.0m Pair

    We are now selling best price of this Oyaide Tunami Terzo XX V2 XLR Cable that comes with 1.0m lengh and has "3E twist" technology or 3 types of wire diameter is twisting different strands to the geometric, patented technology that...

    NZ$528.36 NZ$450.20
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  • JVC HA-FX850 Wooden In-Ear Headphones

    For sales at lower price on the JVC Kenwood HA-FX850 Wooden In-Ear Headphones that comes with unique wood dome diaphragm driver, Accoustic Dual Hybrid Damper structure, and has Wood Ring Absorber. This JVC Victor HA-FX850 also...

    NZ$689.37 NZ$603.40
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  • JVC HA-FX1100 Wooden In-Ear Headphones

    On sales best price for this JVC Kenwood In-Ear HA-FX1100 wooden earphones with Hi Resolution Audio quality and have a wood ring absorber for natural sound which helps in absorbing any disturbances and unnecessary vibrations. The new Top Tier...

    NZ$615.90 NZ$537.74
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