Orient Star Dress Automatic

When you need your outfit to impress, you can trust an Orient Star Automatic to make a statement. Long a mark of distinction, an Orient Star dress watch is perfect for the boardroom or ballroom. We’re proud to give you a chance to own an authentic Orient Star Automatic watch from our exclusive collection of Japanese timepieces. Just pick your favorite style and get ready to look amazing.

  • Orient Star Urban Standard Titanium WZ0021AF

    Orient Star Urban Standard Titanium WZ0021AF

    Exhibit a classy look with this handsome WZ0021AF watch piece from Orient Star Titanium Watch Collection. The titanium bracelet strap matches with the round case in silver tone. The attractive dial face is decorated with baton style hour markers and a...

    ฿29,947.88 ฿26,927.65
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  • WZ0041DE

    Orient Star Retrograde Power Reserve WZ0041DE

    Now available from Japan on this Orient Star Power Retrograde Reserve SDE00002W0 / WZ0041DE that comes with 22-Jewel 40A52, Sapphire Crystal glass, See-through back, and has Stainless Steel Bracelet. BRAND NEW - READY TO SHIP - IN STOCK...

  • WZ0371EL

    Orient Star Classic Blue Dial WZ0371EL

    Price down now on this fine Orient Star Classic Power Reserve WZ0371EL that comes with blue dial, doomed crystal glass, Anti-magnetic, See-through back, and has Stainless Steel Bracelet. This Orient Classic WZ0371EL is a JDM...

    ฿14,242.73 ฿12,176.26
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  • RK-AF0002S

    Orient Star Classic 2nd Gen RK-AF0002S

    We sell directly from Japan on this Orient Star Classic Power reserve indicator 2nd Generation RK-AF0002S or also known as SAF02004W that is the successor of the Orient Star EL05004W and comes with Doomed Crystal Glass...

    ฿15,450.81 ฿13,861.22
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  • WZ0071JC

    Orient Star World Time WZ0071JC

    Price down in Japan on this Orient Star World Time  WZ0071JC that comes with blue color Analog Dial, and Sapphire glass (SAR coating) with Super Anti-Reflective coating, and has LuminousLight. Specifications: Mechanical Automatic (with...

  • Orient Star WZ0081DE Retrograde

    Orient Star WZ0081DE Retrograde

    We are now selling lower price of this Orient Star Retrograde WZ0081DE that featured with 22 Jewels, spherical sapphire glass, blue calf leather Band, Anti-magnetic, and has 40A52 Caliber...

  • Orient Star WZ0021AE Tonneau Watch

    Orient Star WZ0021AE Tonneau Watch

    We are now selling best price of Orient Star WZ0021AE that combines a linear surface configured to soft tonneau type and expressed of the modern version of the classic. The Orient WZ0021AE has combination of Roman index and glasses needle...

  • Orient Star EL05002B Classic WZ0231EL

    Orient Star EL05002B Classic WZ0231EL

    Still available for sales on this rare Orient Star WZ0231EL or as known outside of Japan as EL05002B that comes with antique style, Solid Stainless steel bracelet, 22 jewels, and have 21600/hour vibrations. This Orient Star...

    ฿25,369.86 ฿22,667.55
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  • Orient Star WZ0381EL Power Reserve

    Orient Star WZ0381EL Power Reserve

    Sales from Japan at best price for the Orient Star WZ0381EL that comes with power reserve display, white dial, solid metal band, and finished in elegant impression. This Orient WZ0381EL is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch model and it's...

    ฿18,343.87 ฿16,277.40
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  • Orient Star SEL09004W

    Orient Star WZ0341EL

    On sales now at lower price for the Classic Orient Star WZ0341EL (or EL09004W) that has contemporary decor dial and elegant stamped character plate full well-balanced with roman index. Specifications: Mechanical...

  • Orient Star WZ0071DJ

    Orient Star WZ0071DJ GMT

    Price down now on this Orient Star WZ0071DJ that comes with GMT function, Stainless steel band, Navy color Analog Dial, and Sapphire glass (SAR coating) with Super Anti-Reflective coating. Specifications: 49.9 x 41.5mm Size 13.7mm...

  • Orient Star WZ0051DE

    Orient Star WZ0051DE Retrograde

    On sales now for this Blue Retrograde Orient Star WZ0051DE that featured with spherical sapphire glass both side (anti-reflective coating), 22 jewels, and has retrograde day display. Specifications: Blue Dial  40A50...