Promaster Sky Chronograph

Citizen Promaster Sky

A stylish watch packed with features in a rugged design is what the Citizen Promaster Sky Chronograph is all about. Utilizing Solar Eco-Drive technology to recharge its batteries along with a scratch resistant, titanium case, this Citizen watch is on the cutting edge of dynamic timepieces. For a reliable way to get this durable watch – or other Japanese domestic market items – rely on Shopping in Japan. We offer stress-free shipping to countries around the world with products straight from the manufacturer.

  • Citizen Promaster Sky Chrono Radio Wave CB5001-57E

    Make a bold statement with this simple yet smart Citizen Promaster direct flight CB5001-57E pilot wrist watch. The watch has a trendy link chain bracelet strap that perfectly matches with the black dial. The stainless steel dial case is detailed with...

    $522.00 $462.00
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  • Citizen Promaster Blue Angels Radio Wave AT8020-03L

    Flaunt your style with this Citizen Promaster AT8020-03L watch. Its bold and large dial is held by a stainless steel case in silver finish. The round case has a scale marked bezel. Its dial features white indices and silver accented hands along with...

    $508.00 $448.00
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  • JY8025-59E

    Citizen Promaster Skyhawk JY8025-59E Eco-Drive u680

    For sales from Japan at best price on this Promaster Skyhawk JY8025-59E that comes with Titanium DLC Coating, Perfex Multiband 3000, and Citizen u680 caliber. This Promaster Sky JY8025 59E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch model and...

    $953.00 $853.00
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  • Citizen CB0134-00E Eco-Drive

    Citizen CB0134-00E Promaster Sky Eco-Drive Leather

    Price down now on this Citizen CB0134-00E Promaster Sky that featured Cordovan leather band, radio wave reception solar, Impact detection function, and Eco Drive Perfex 3000. This Pro Master CB0134-00E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)...

    $659.00 $584.00
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  • Citizen Promaster Sky BY0084-56E

    Citizen Promaster Sky BY0084-56E Eco-Drive

    For sell at best price on this Citizen Promaster BY0084-56E Eco-Drive Solar Atomic watch that comes with Hard Titanium case, sapphire glass, and Perpetual Calendar. This Promaster Sky BY0084-56E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch model and...

    $902.00 $817.00
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  • Citizen Promaster Sky BY0080-57E

    Citizen Promaster Sky BY0080-57E Eco-Drive

    Special price from Japan on this Citizen Promaster BY0080-57E that offers Atomic Radio, Hard Titanium case and band, sapphire glass, Caliber H610, and Perpetual Calendar. This Promaster Sky BY0080-57E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)...

    $763.00 $678.00
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  • PMV65-2272

    Citizen Promaster PMV65-2272 Sky Eco-Drive

    For sales brand new Promaster Sky Eco-Drive PMV65-2272 that featured the Atomic Radio Controlled reception, and Sapphire glass with reflection reduction coating. This Citizenr PMV65-2272 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch model and...

    $689.00 $614.00
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  • Citizen Promaster Sky Eco-Drive PMV65-2271

    On sales again at lower price for this Citizen Promaster PMV65-2271 that comes with the Sapphire Glass and DLC coating Titanium materiel, Perfex multi 3000 radio wave, and has Caliber u680. This Promaster PMV65-2271 is a JDM...

    $698.00 $628.00
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