Prospex Solar Watch

Prospex Solar Watch

Seiko watches are made to last a long time, while also taking advantage of the latest innovations. The Seiko Prospex Solar watch combines the water resistance and tough coating that makes these dive watches so popular with solar cell technology. These watches are extremely eco-friendly, as they can recharge utilizing any kind of solar energy – cutting down on waste and saving you money on batteries too! This watch is not just for show. It’s a waterproof watch ideal for scuba diving, with a chronograph to time your dives!

  • Seiko Arnie Reissue PADI Version SNJ027 / SBEQ003

    Seiko Arnie Reissue PADI Version SNJ027 / SBEQ003

    For sales from Japan at special price on this Seiko Solar Diver Scuba PADI Edition Ref. SBEQ003 or as known outside of Japan as SNJ027P1 and it comes with 200m air diving and Pepsi colored bezel. This Seiko Arnie H558 Reissue for sales...

    NZ$987.35 NZ$870.99
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  • Seiko Arnie Reissue SNJ025 Japan Edition SBEQ001

    Seiko Arnie Reissue SNJ025 Japan Edition SBEQ001

    Hot releases of 2019 of this Iconic Arnie Re-Issue Seiko Solar Diver (Arnold Schwarzenegger scene from The Predator movie) Ref. SBEQ001 or as known outside of Japan as SNJ025P1 and it comes with Analogue and digital displays with 200m...

    NZ$979.04 NZ$870.99
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  • Prospex Solar Great White Shark SSC741P1 / SBDL059

    Prospex Solar Great White Shark SSC741P1 / SBDL059

    Price down now on this Save the Ocean Limited Great White Shark Series Seiko model SBDL059 that offers V175 Caliber, Solar Movement, Hands and indexes Lumi Brite, and has 200m water resistance suitable for air diving. This...

    NZ$852.71 NZ$744.67
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  • Seiko Prospex Solar Chrono SSC673  /SBDL053

    Seiko Prospex Solar Chrono SSC673 /SBDL053

    Few available now on this Seiko Solar Black Series Diver SSC673P1 or as known in Japan as SBDL053 that comes with Chronograph function, Hardlex crystal, and has Overcharge prevention function. This Prospex...

    NZ$992.33 NZ$892.60
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  • SBDJ029

    Seiko Prospex Solar Fieldmaster SBDJ029

    We sell best price from Japan on this Seiko Prospex Lowercase Fieldmaster SBDJ029 that comes with solar power, green NATO-style fabric straps with Green, Curved glass Glass, and Magnetic resistance...

    NZ$528.58 NZ$453.78
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  • SBDN043

    Seiko Prospex Solar Diver SBDN043 LOWERCASE

    Lowest price from Japan on this Seiko Prospex Solar Diver Scuba 200m SBDN043 LOWERCASE that features with Caliber V147, Curved Crystal Material, and Silicon Strap. This Prospex SBDN043 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

    NZ$802.84 NZ$703.11
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  • SBDJ023

    Seiko Freemans Sporting Club SBDJ023

    Rare Limited item for sales on this Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster Freemans Sporting Club SBDJ023 that is an Exclusive Model that equipped with new design and comes with previous work by the LOWERCASE creative director, Yoshikage Kajiwara...

  • SSC609P

    Seiko SSC609P1 Prospex Solar Chronograph

    We sell from Japan at best price for this Pilot Chronograph Prospex Solar SSC609P1 that powered by Movement V172 and comes with Sapphire Crystal, blue dial, and has blue leather band. This Seiko SSC609 is a JDM...

    NZ$859.36 NZ$759.63
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  • sne493p1

    Seiko Prospex Sea Black Series Limited SBDJ035

    We now selling best price of this Seiko Prospex Solar Black Series Diver's Limited SBDJ035 that has orange minute hand and it certainly makes for a visually appealing and comes with V157 Caliber. Note: This SBDJ035 Black Series is a Japanese...

  • Seiko Prospex Chrono Divers Solar PADI SBDL051

    Seiko Prospex Chrono Divers Solar PADI SBDL051

    Price down now on this Limited PADI Seiko Solar Air Diver Chrono SBDL051 that comes with Red accent with Stainless steel bracelet, and has 200m water resistance that suitable for air diving. Specifications: LIMITED EDITION 700...

  • SBEE001

    Seiko Diver Giugiaro Design SBEE001

    We now selling lower price of this Seiko Prospex Giugiaro Design SBEE001 blue dial that comes with Quartz movement 7N36, Curved glass, LumiBrite, and Silicon Band material. This Seiko Scuba SBEE001 and it's now in our stock -...

    NZ$782.90 NZ$691.48
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  • SBEE002

    Seiko SBEE002 Prospex Diver Giugiaro Design

    Special price from Japan on this Seiko Reissue 80s Prospex Giugiaro Design SBEE002 that features with gold-toned steel with a gold dial and has 200m water resistance suitable for air diving. This Prospex Quartz...

    NZ$844.40 NZ$744.67
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