Prospex Turtle Dive

Prospex Turtle Dive

Reliability combines with a cool look for Seiko’s Prospex Turtle watches. These timepieces are inspired by the world of diving and feature the stringent quality standards that Seiko is known for. Not only does this timepiece feature a sleek design that mimics the graceful lines of a sea turtle, but it also contains Seiko’s patented 4R36 movement, so its dependable and highly accurate. This watch is a solid choice for anyone who needs a truly reliable timepiece whenever they go for a dive.

  • Seiko Prospex Green Turtle Limited Japan SBDY039

    Seiko Prospex Green Turtle Limited Japan SBDY039

    This Prospex Turtle SBDY039 is one of the exemplars of the brand's ultimate diver's collection with its classic stainless steel bracelet with formal and casual outfits alike. The green bezel is matched to a stainless-steel dial case, and also comes...

    A$1,035.17 A$924.73
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  • Seiko Darth Turtle Limited SBDY041 Fume Dlue Dial

    Seiko Darth Turtle Limited SBDY041 Fume Dlue Dial

    Grab this limited timepiece directly from Japan on this Blacked Out Prospex Darth Turtle SBDY041 that featured with Fume Dlue Dial, Black PVD coating, and has both of Japanese Kanji and English Day Date Display...

    A$1,079.34 A$968.91
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  • Seiko Turtle Great White Shark SRPD21K1 / SBDY031

    Seiko Turtle Great White Shark SRPD21K1 / SBDY031

    Now available for sales directly from Japan on this Made In Japan version of Prospex Turtle Save the Ocean SRPD21 or aka. in Japan as SBDY031 Special 2019 Edition that comes with Kanji Japanese Day Wheel Dial and has Blue Wave Pattern on the...

    A$917.37 A$806.93
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  • SBDY017

    Seiko Turtle Padi SBDY017 Made In Japan SRPA21

    On sales from Japan at low price on this Prospex Turtle SBDY017 or as know outside of Japan as SRPA21 that comes with Kanji day display, Hardlex, 41 hours Power reserve, and Movement 4R36. This Seiko...

    A$829.02 A$725.94
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  • SBDY021

    Seiko Turtle SRPC91 Kanji Made In Japan SBDY021

    On sales from Japan for this Seiko Turtle Prospex Diver SRPC91J1 or known in Japan as SBDY021 Save The Ocean Edition that comes with Kanji day display, 24 jewels, Anti-magnetic, Cal. 4R36, and Hardlex. This Prospex SBDY021...

    A$762.76 A$674.41
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  • Seiko Turtle Made In Japan Kanji Day SBDY015

    Seiko Turtle Made In Japan Kanji Day SBDY015

    On sales again at lower price for this Japanese domestic version of Seiko Prospex Turtle SBDY015 (as known internationally as SRP777) that comes with Japanese Kanji Date Wheel display and fully made in Japan. This Prospex SBDY015 is a...

    A$755.39 A$659.68
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  • SBDY027

    Seiko Turtle SRPD11 Made In Japan Version SBDY027

    On sales at best price for this Japanese version of Seiko Prospex Turtle SBDY027 Special Edition Save The Ocean Black Blue combination that comes with Kanji day display and has Black IP Bracelet. This Prospex Diver SBDY027 is a...

    A$917.37 A$821.66
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  • Seiko Turtle Deep Blue Japanese Kanji SBDY013

    Seiko Turtle Deep Blue Japanese Kanji SBDY013

    On sales now at lower price for this Seiko Prospex SBDY013 or as known outside of Japan as SRPC25J1  that comes with Japanese Kanji Wheel Day Display Language and has Sunburst blue gradient dial. This Prospex SBDY013 is a...

    A$777.48 A$689.13
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  • SRPC95K1

    Seiko Orange Turtle Made In Japan SBDY023

    On sales from Japan at best price for this Japanese version of Seiko SRPC95 or known in Japan as Seiko SBDY023 Prospex Orange Turtle that fully Made In Japan and produced only 500 pieces as well as comes with Extra Silicone band. This...

    A$1,219.23 A$1,138.24
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  • seiko automatic SRPC25J

    Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPC25J1 Deep Blue

    For sales from Japan at best price for this Made In Japan Seiko Prospex Turtle SRPC25J Deep Blue Batman Diver 200m Automatic watch that comes with Sunburst Blue Dial and Luminous Index. BRAND NEW - READY TO SHIP - IN STOCK...

    A$879.08 A$783.37
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  • SRPC39

    Seiko SRPC39 Baby Turtle Blue Mini

    We sell from Japan on this Mini Turtle Seiko Prospex SRPC39K1 Baby Turtle Blue that comes with movement 4R35, silicone band, Hardlex crystal, and has 200m diver's waterproof for air diving. This Turtle SRPC39 is a JDM...

    A$624.34 A$550.72
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  • SBDY005

    Seiko Prospex SBDY005 Turtle Black Series

    Few left in stock now this Seiko Turtle Black Series SBDY005 that comes with Caliber 4R36, PVD black coating, and has orange minute hand and it certainly makes for a visually appealing. Noted: This Black Series limited is a Japanese limited...