Audio Parts and Accessories

  • Oyaide MWA-030 L Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Sheet

    We are now selling from Japan on this Oyaide MWA-030L Noise Canceling Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers that can commutation noise stemming from the power circuit and has 6.0MPa Tension strength. Specifications: Flatted metallic...

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  • Oyaide RCA Jack Cap MWA-RC (6 pcs)

    We are selling Oyaide RCA Jack Cap MWA-RC that comes with 6 pcs in the package. It's easy to use. Just plug in the free port of the RCA jacks, and triple block the noise and vibration and dust. Polypropylene body portion which is tuned to a hardness...

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  • Oyaide SPYT / GYT Spade Lugs (4 pcs)

    For sales Oyaide SPYT / GYT Spade Lugs (4 pcs) that comes with two polish, silver plating, with oxygen-free copper Material. The Oyaide SPYT also has terminal insulation protection for heat-shrinkable tubing. We are Top...

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  • Oyaide INS-BS Stabilizer Multi-Use base Audio Insulator

    For sale best price on this Oyaide INS-BS Stabilizer Multi-Use base Audio Insulator that has been developed as an insulator which attenuates vibrations from a device and an installation surface and doesn’t lose musical harmonics and dynamics...

  • Oyaide SLSC couple of four RCA plugs

    On sales from Japan at best price for this Oyaide SLSC couple of four RCA plugs that able to achieved a low distortion sound of that high volume range at no transmission loss. This Oyaide SLSC use a PTFE teflon that permittivity is low,...

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