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  • G-Steel GST-W330AC-1AJF Military Solar GST-W330AC-1AJF Military Solar

    G-Steel GST-W330AC-1AJF Military Solar

    On sales directly from Japan on this Casio G-Steel GST-W330AC that comes with black IP bezel, black Cordura + Leather band, Tough Solar power charging system, 20 Bar water resistant for diver ISO 22810, and Radio signal reception...

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  • G-Steel Military Street GST-W330D-1AJF

    G-Steel Military Street GST-W330D-1AJF

    Direct shopping from Japan at lower price for this G-Steel GST-W330D stainless steel bracelet version that features the Radio signal reception (for EU, USA, Japan, China) and has Tough Solar Charging System. This Military...

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