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  • Citizen AB9000-52L Chronomaster Blue

    Citizen AB9000-52L Chronomaster Blue

    On sales directly from Japan at best price for this Citizen Chronomaster AB9000-52L that comes with Caliber A060, Sapphire glass, White plating, Battery life warning function, and stainless...

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  • Citizen AQ1020-51A Eco-Drive Titanium

    For sales best price on this Citizen AQ1020-51A that comes with Super titanium case with White plating, Eco-Drive Solar, Perpetual calendar, ± 5 seconds Accuracy per year, and has Caliber...

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  • Citizen AQ1020-51E Eco-Drive Titanium

    Citizen AQ1020-51E Eco-Drive Titanium

    Still available for sales on this Citizen AQ1020-51E Solar Eco-Drive that comes with Super Titanium case with White plating, Perpetual calendar, Black Dial, and Dual spherical sapphire...

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  • Citizen Attesa AT8040-57E Eco-Drive

    Citizen Attesa AT8040-57E Eco-Drive

    We sell directly from Japan on this Citizen AT8040-57E Eco-Drive watch has many cool features including 4 area Atomic Radio Controlled time keeping reception, Perpetual Calendar, 1/20sec...

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  • Citizen Attesa AT8040-57L

    Best price from Japan on this Citizen AT8040-57L Eco-Drive Solar that comes with Perfex Multi 3000 (4 area Atomic Radio Controlled), Blue Dial, Perpetual Calendar, Chronograph, and World...

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  • Citizen Attesa AT8044-56E Eco-Drive

    Price down now on this Attesa AT8044-56E Direct Flight that has Perfex Multi 3000 Radio Controlled, Duratec DLC Hardened Titanium, and Perpetual Calendar. This Citizen...

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  • Citizen Attesa AT8045-53E

    Citizen Attesa AT8045-53E Limited

    For sales lower price on this Attesa AT8045-53E Limited edition made only 1200 units and comes with Tachymeter Chronograph function, as well as H610 direct flights Movement. We are Top...

  • Attesa ATD53-3092 Eco-Drive

    Citizen Attesa ATD53-3092 Eco-Drive Solar

    Still available for sales on this Citizen Attesa ATD53-3092 Eco-Drive Solar watch comes with Solar Power, Titanium Case and Band, and Perpetual Calendar, with Caliber number H148...

  • Attesa ATV53-3023 Eco-Drive

    Citizen Attesa ATV53-3023 Eco-Drive Titanium

    For sales Citizen Attesa ATV53-3023 Eco-Drive Titanium watch that comes with 4 area Atomic Radio Controlled or Perfex Multi 3000 time keeping reception, LED light, Sapphire glass, World...