Promaster Land

  • Citizen PMD56-2952

    Citizen Promaster PMD56-2952 LAND Eco-Drive

    For sales best price on this Citizen Promaster PMD56-2952 that features with the Caliber H100, sapphire glass, Duratec TIC Treated Titanium Case and Bracelet. This Promaster PMD56-2952 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch model and it's now in...

    $536.00 $481.00
  • PMD56-2951

    Citizen Promaster PMD56-2951 LAND Eco-Drive

    On sales again at lower price for this Citizen Promaster PMD56-2951 LAND that comes with, Green Dial, Sapphire Glass, Titanium Case and Band, with 200m water resistance. This Promaster PMD56-2951 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

    $542.00 $477.00
  • BN4021-02E

    Citizen Promaster Land BN4021-02E Alticchron

    Price down now on this Citizen Promaster Alticchron BN4021-02E  that offers with Height-measuring capability which can reaches as high as 10,000 meters, and also altimeter permit ultra-precise measurements of direction. We are Top Rated Seller...

  • BN4026-09F

    Citizen Promaster Land BN4026-09F Alticchron

    We sell directly from Japan on this Citizen Promaster Land BN4026-09F Alticchron eco-drive solar powered that features with Calibre J280, and altimeter permit ultra-precise measurements of direction. This Promaster...

    $692.00 $622.00
  • BN4026-09E

    Citizen Promaster Land BN4026-09E Alticchron

    Price down from Japan on this Citizen Promaster Land Alticchron Eco-drive BN4026-09E that comes with 200m waterproof, altimeter permit ultra-precise measurements of direction, and rubber band. This BN4026-09E Alticchron is a JDM (Japanese...

    $714.00 $634.00
  • PMP56-3051

    Citizen PMP56-3051 Promaster Land Chronograph

    Still available for sales at best price Citizen PMP56-3051 Promaster Land Eco-Drive watch that comes with the Titanium case and band, sapphire glass, chronograph, and etc. This Promaster Land PMP56-3051 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

    $397.00 $347.00