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G-Shock MT-G

  • G-Shock MTG-B1000DCM Metal Camouflage

    G-Shock MTG-B1000DCM Metal Camouflage

    For sales G-Shock MTG-B1000DCM-1AER (or as known in Japan as MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR) wristwatch with a round dial is a trend-setter. The camouflage pattern dial colour and the vintage chrono display make it earthy and sporty. A 200 ATM...

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  • G-Shock MTG-B1000RB Baselworld 2019

    G-Shock MTG-B1000RB Baselworld 2019

    We sell from Japan best price on this most popular G-Shock of the year 2019 on this MTG-B1000RB-2AJR that features rainbow ion plating which refracts light in multiple colors, as well as a gold colouration on the crown, front screws, and...

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  • G-Shock MTG Connected Black MTG-B1000B-1AJF

    G-Shock MTG Connected Black MTG-B1000B-1AJF

    Sales best price from Japan on this Casio MTGB1000B-1A Tough Solar Movement that features Bluetooth function to connect with a smartphone running the G-SHOCK Connected app and has Black IP Coating. This Casio MTG-B1000B is a JDM (Japanese...

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  • G-Shock MTG-B1000TF Limited 35th Anniversary

    Price down now for this G-Shock MTG-B1000TF-1A limited Magma Ocean 35th Anniversary that comes with Multi-Band 6, Triple G Resist, and Bluetooth Smart connectivity and has a composite band made of stainless steel and a red resin inner...

  • G-Shock Gold MTG-G1000RG-1A Premium GPS Watch

    G-Shock Gold MTG-G1000RG-1A Premium GPS Watch

    Few units left now on this rare limited G-Shock MT-G model MTG-G1000RG-1AJR that featuring a rough blasted, textured surface with a gold IP finish and has GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor technology. This MTG-G1000RG-1AER is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

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  • 2015 Baseworld MTG-G1000BS

    G-Shock Metal Twisted 2015 Baseworld MTG-G1000BS

    For sales from Japan at lower price on this black and gold MTG-G1000BS-1AJR Metal Twisted 2015 Baseworld Edition that designs featuring a special aged ion plated treatment to give the surface a worn and vintage look...

  • G-Shock GPS MTG-G1000GB-1A

    We are now selling best price of this Black and Gold edition GPS MTG-G1000GB-1AER that comes with a black ion-plated exterior, gold buttons and crown, and a gold IP dial ring. The G-Shock MTG has a diamond-like carbon (DLC) treatment including...

  • MTG-G1000D-1AJF

    G-Shock GPS MTG-G1000D-1A

    Price down now on this MTG-G1000D-1AJF that comes with high-brightness LED light, and a new "dual coil motor" that enables high-speed hand movement for smooth switching for home time and local time button. Specification: GPS hybrid...

  • G-Shock GPS MTG-G1000D-1A2

    G-Shock GPS MTG-G1000D-1A2

    Still available on this rare G-Shock Blue version of this GPS MTG-G1000D-1A2JF that featured GPS hybrid radio controlled and Stainless steel Layered Blue Composite Band material. BRAND NEW - READY TO SHIP - IN STOCK...

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  • G-Shock MTG-S1000V-1A Metal Twisted

    G-Shock MTG-S1000V-1A Metal Twisted

    Still up for sales from Japan at best price for this G-Shock Aged IP the Metal Twisted MTG-S1000V-1AER that features a special ion-plating finish for a vintage feel with the top layer then burnished away. Specification: Atomic...

  • Casio G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-5AJF

    Casio G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-5AJF

    Last unit for sales on this rare Rose Gold G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-5A that features with Solid Stainless Steel Band, Non-reflective coating sapphire glass, radio atomic multiband 6, and has Black IP ion plating. BRAND NEW - READY TO...

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  • MTG-S1000BS

    Casio G-Shock MTG-S1000BS-1AJR Basel World Limited

    Price down on this rare G-Shock MTG-S1000BS-1A (MTG-S1000BS-1AER) 500pcs limited Baselworld that features a vintage feel including brass accents with layering gold and black ion plating. Limited MTG-S1000BS also features a special ion-plating finish...