Marine Master Automatic

Marinemaster Automatic Watch

The Marinemaster watch from Seiko works well as either a rugged dive watch or a professional accessory. Its stainless steel bracelet means it can stand up to harsh conditions while the hands and markers allow for accurate readings even in low lighting. It is truly a standout piece when it comes to Seiko watches!

Shopping in Japan can help you get your hands on Seiko’s Marinemaster, the Marinemaster 1000 Meter Dive Emperor Tuna, the Seiko Tuna Automatic, or any other hard-to-find Japanese item. Whether you are looking for the best watches or something else, you’ll find it in our shop. Our selection features exclusive items rarely found in international markets.

  • Seiko MM300 Limited Black Series SBDX033 / SPB125

    Seiko MM300 Limited Black Series SBDX033 / SPB125

    This Black Series Limited Edition Men's Watch by Seiko runs on Seiko 8L35 Mechanical movement with 50 hours power reserve. The SPB125J1 case is made of durable Stainless steel black hard coating and has ceramics Bezel. The black dial with...

    $3,638.00 $3,318.00
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  • Prospex Marinemaster Diver Blue SBDX025 / SLA023J1

    Available for pre-order directly from Japan on this Professional Diver's 300m SLA023 (as known in Japan as SBDX025) that feature the 8L35 high grade movement with hand winding and hacking function. Its blue ocean dial...

    $3,453.00 $3,148.00
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  • SBDX027

    Seiko Gundam Mobile Suit Emperor Tuna SBDX027

    Best price from Japan on this Seiko Prospex SBDX027 or as known as SLA029J1 (internationally) Emperor Tuna 1000m. dive watch limited Gundam Mobile Suit green Zaku II version with 8L35 automatic movement that comes...

    $4,481.00 $4,096.00
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  • SBDX029

    Seiko Marinemaster Gundam 40th SBDX029 Red Zaku II

    Now available from Japan on this 40th Anniversary Prospex Gundam Marinemaster SLA031J1 or known in Japan as SBDX029 Char Aznable MS-06S Zaku II Mobile Suit Red Emperor Tuna 1000 meter divers that comes with Ceramic Torso Shroud and Pure...

    $4,481.00 $4,096.00
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  • Seiko Prospex MM300 Diver SLA021 / SBDX023

    Seiko Prospex MM300 Diver SLA021 / SBDX023

    Price down now on this Seiko MarineMaster Professional Diver 300 meter SLA021J1 or Japan ref. as SBDX023 that featured with Dark zirconia ceramics Bezel and has Steel bracelet with Diashield (anti-scratch) coating. This MM300...

    $3,548.00 $3,243.00
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  • Seiko Prospex Sea SBEX007 Hi-Beat (Limited SLA025J1)

    Seiko Prospex Sea SBEX007 Hi-Beat (Limited SLA025J1)

    Few available for sales on this commemorative edition of 1968 Automatic Diver’s - the Seiko Prospex Sea SBEX007 or as know outside of Japan as SLA025 MarineMaster Professional Hi-Beat. This Seiko Prospex Sea Hi-Beat is a...

    $6,218.00 $5,698.00
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  • SBDX021

    Seiko SBDX021 Deep Forest Limited (SLA019)

    Price down now for this Seiko SLA019J1 Deep Forest Limited Edition of 1,968 Marinemaster Professional Diver 300m that feature with green dial and has 8L35 automatic movement. Specifications: Automatic with manual winding...

  • Seiko Prospex SBEX005 Hi-Beat 135 Anniversary

    Seiko Prospex SBEX005 Hi-Beat 135 Anniversary

    On sales now for the 135th years anniversary Seiko Memorial model of Prospex SBEX005 that features beautiful stamped pattern reminiscent of a wave dial with blue bezel. Specifications: Automatic with manual winding mechanism 8L55...

  • Seiko Prospex Hi-Beat SBEX003 Limited

    Seiko Prospex Hi-Beat SBEX003 Limited

    Still available for sales on exceptional craftsmanship of Prospex Hi-Beat SBEX003 50th Anniversary special diver model that has one-piece construction, and 36,000 beats per hour (bph) on 8L55 movement which is the same as high beat...

    $8,227.00 $7,527.00
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  • Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX013

    Prospex SBDX013 Marine Master

    Price down now on this Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna MarineMaster Professional 1000m diver SBDX013  that has ceramic hard coating shroud, Caliber 8L35, Lumibrite, and Sapphire glass. BRAND NEW - READY TO SHIP - IN STOCK...

    $2,844.00 $2,584.00
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  • SBDB011

    Seiko Prospex SBDB011 MarineMaster Spring Drive

    We are now selling best price from Japan on this Seiko Prospex SBDB011 Marine Master Spring Drive 600m that comes with new LumiBrite and DiaShield coating. This Seiko Spring Drive SBDB011 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch model and...

    $4,223.00 $3,853.00
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  • Seiko SBDX014 Marinemaster Emperor Tuna Rose Gold

    Seiko SBDX014 Marinemaster Emperor Tuna Rose Gold

    Price down in Japan now for this Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Emperor Tuna 1000m diver ref# SBDX014 that comes with One piece construction Pure titanium and ceramics rose gold-plated case with hard coating. This Seiko Marinemaster...

    $3,128.00 $2,853.00
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