Mechanical Automatic 6R

Mechanical Automatic 6R15, 6R35, 6R21, 6R27, 6R24 Movements

Our inventory of Seiko watches features some of the most stylish mechanical timepieces available. One model with the broadest appeal – the Seiko Mechanical Automatic – is a high-quality item that embodies traditional Japanese aesthetics with precision craftsmanship. Its elegant styling and visible of various 6R movements make it perfect from those times when you are dressed to look your very best. It is a truly stand out watch whose excellence is rarely found outside of Japan!

  • Seiko Presage 2020 Prestige Line SARX073 / SPB131J1

    Displaying the classiest combination of black and silver, this SARX073 (known outside of Japan as SPB131J1) watch for men is a reissue of 1964 Seiko Crown Chronograph models that was suitable for all your professional and sportly get-togethers. This...

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  • Seiko Presage Crown Automatic SARX071 / SPB129J1

    Let the others admire your presence when you wear this Presage Crown Automatic men's watch. This 2020 Limited Seiko SARX071 (or as known outside Japan as SPB129J1) has sunray dial in an exquisite emerald colour, which is adorned with...

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  • Seiko Crown Chronograph Reissue SARX069 / SPB127J1

    This limited recraft is to tribute to the 1964 Crown Chronograph models that were launched during the Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympic. The Seiko SARX069 or as known outside of Japan as SPB127J1 is an automatic analogue watch that possesses...

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  •  Seiko Alpinist Champagne Dial SBDC093 / SPB123

    Seiko Alpinist Champagne Dial SBDC093 / SPB123

    Sleek and minimal in its design, this watch from the  Seiko Alpinist 2020 Collection Ref. SBDC093 (known outside of Japan as SPB123) is a perfect on-the-go watch. The genuine calf leather strap in green of the watch features a simple...

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  • Seiko Alpinist Black Dial SBDC087 / SPB117

    Seiko Alpinist Black Dial SBDC087 / SPB117

    An exclusive timepiece by the Seiko SBDC087 or as known outside of Japan as SPB117J will bring out the bold man in you. The black Alpinist 2020 features a compass function with a silver bracelet strap. The push-button clasp makes it a safe...

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  • Seiko Alpinist White SBDC089 / SPB119

    Seiko Alpinist White SBDC089 / SPB119

    This elegant and graceful analog Alpinist 2020 is a perfect addition to your accessory collection. The Seiko SBDC089 or as known outside of Japan as SPB119 that features an attractive white dial with numeral numbered style hour markers and classic...

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  • Seiko Alpinist 2020 Green SBDC091 / SPB121

    Seiko Alpinist 2020 Green SBDC091 / SPB121

    This is a truly unique and classy Seiko Prospex Alpinist 2020 collection that features the Stainless Steel finishing. It has a green dial and strap fashioned with premium quality brown leather band. The SBDC091 or as known outside of Japan...

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  • Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SARW049 / SPB093

    Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SARW049 / SPB093

    Set new fashion standards by wearing Presage SARW049 that comes with with Japanese porcelain dial (as know outside of Japan as Ref # SPB093J1). Its case is crafted with care using top quality stainless steel that gives it a classy look. Besides, stylish...

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  • Seiko Presage Enamel Dialed SARW051 Ginza Limited

    Seiko Presage Enamel Dialed SARW051 Ginza Limited

    Update your bold look with this decent and classy watch from Seiko. It features a fine quality strap with a secure closure. The silver finished dial case is constructed from stainless steel. The watch has a classic white dial and is detailed with stylish...

  • Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan-nuri SPB085 / SARW045

    Price down in Japan on this Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan-nuri SPB085J1 or as known in Japan as of SARW045 that has power reserve gauge portraying the Moon by using Maki-e technique and limited number only 2000 units. This...

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  • SARA015

    Seiko Presage Snowflake SARA015 / SJE073J1

    The Seiko Presage automatic line offers some beautiful watches, and that includes the Seiko SJE073J1. Known as SARA015 in Japan, this watch is in-stock and ready to ship, giving you a premium timepiece you can be proud of. Made with Seiko’s...

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  • SARW039

    Seiko Shippo Enamel Multi-Hand SARW039 / SPB073

    Price down from Japan now on this Seiko Presage Shippo SPB073 that combines a classic three-hander with a calendar sub-dial and a power reserve indicator, and has white lacquered Roman numerals index, as well as wavy blue enamel dial. This...

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