• Casio Oceanus Manta Bluetooth Solar OCW-S5000B-1AJF

    Radiant and fierce, this Oceanus Manta OCW-S5000B-1A will have you looking elegant and undeniably charming. This edgy watch comes with a black dial and a Titanium strap. Its bold dial is detailed with baton-style hour markers and a...

    $1,582.00 $1,442.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000DB-1AJF

    Top of the line for this fine Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000DB-1A GPS Hybrid that comes with Spherical or Curved Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating on Both Sides and also has High Efficiency Solar Charging System. This...

    $1,861.00 $1,686.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100-1AJF

    Few units available now on this Oceanus OCW-G1100-1A that comes with Dual Curved Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating on Both Sides, Titanium case, Sapphire Crystal, and In-Flight Mode. This Casio OCW-G1100 is a JDM...

    $2,873.00 $2,618.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100T-1AJF

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100T-1AJF

    We sell directly from Japan on this fine Casio watch OCW-G1100T-1AJF that has Module 5454, High Efficiency Solar Charging System, GPS, Radio Signal Reception, and Low Battery Warning. This Oceanus OCW-G1100T is a...

    $1,482.00 $1,337.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100TG-1AJF

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G1100TG-1AJF

    For sales from Japan at lower price on this Casio OCW-G1100TG-1AJF that features Dual Curved Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating on Both Sides, and has GPS Signal Reception + Radio Signal Reception. This Oceanus...

    $1,873.00 $1,698.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1200-1AJF

    For sales from Japan on this brand new Casio OCW-G1200-1A that comes with Radio Signal Reception multiband 6, Fold-over Push-button Deployant Clasp, Pure Titanium Band, and has Smart Access. This Oceanus...

    $1,813.00 $1,643.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1200-2AJF

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G1200-2AJF

    Price down now for this Oceanus OCW-G1200-2A GPS that has a Casio Module 5454 and comes with Titanium Carbide Processing case and bracelet, 6 bands Automatic Reception, and Automatic Hand Correction. This...

    $2,143.00 $1,943.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G1200D-1AJF

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G1200D-1AJF

    Still available for sales from Japan at lower price on this Casio OCW-G1200D-1AJF GPS Hybrid that has Radio Signal Reception, Titanium + Ceramic Composite Band, and with Fully Automatic Calendar. Specifications: Casio...

  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000-1AJF

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000-1AJF

    Price down now for this popular Oceanus watch OCW-G2000-1A that has Magnetic Interference Resistant, GPS Signal Reception, Tough Solar, Titanium Case and Band, and Dual Curved Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective...

    $1,763.00 $1,598.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000G-1AJF

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000G-1AJF

    Now on sales at lower price on this Casio OCW-G2000G-1A that comes with Module # 5501 GPS Signal Reception + Radio Signal Reception Hybrid, DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) Hardened Bezel, and Neobrite. This Oceanus OCW-G2000G...

    $2,094.00 $1,904.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000H-7AJF

    Shop from Japan for the best price on this Oceanus watch OCW-G2000H-7A that features Titanium case and bracelet, Dual Curved Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating on Both Sides, and has Casio Module 5501. This Casio...

    $2,024.00 $1,834.00
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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000L-1AJF

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000L-1AJF

    We are selling directly from Japan on this Oceanus OCW-G2000L-1A that feature with the Leather Band, Titanium case and bezel, Tough Movement, Dual Curved Sapphire Crystal, and has Power Saving Function...

    $1,797.00 $1,627.00
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