Orient Star Heart Skeleton

  • Orient Star Skeleton WZ0041DX

    Orient Star Skeleton WZ0041DX

    We are selling best price of this Orient Star WZ0041DX Vintage Skeleton that comes with Antique Silver dial, mechanical hand winding, and has hand-stitched crocodile leather band. This Orient Star Skeleton WZ0041DX is a JDM (Japanese...

    $1,802.00 $1,652.00
  • SDA02002W0

    Orient Star WZ0051DA Open Heart Automatic

    We are now selling best price of the Orient Star SDA02002W (MPN: WZ0051DA) Open Heart Semi Skeleton that offers Automatic movements, Stainless steel case and band, and has Caliber 40R53. This SDA02002W Mechanical Automatic is a JDM...

    $498.00 $438.00
  • Orient Star Semi Skeleton WZ0151DK

    Orient Star Semi Skeleton WZ0151DK

    Price down now on this Orient Star WZ0151DK that suitable with both business and casual attire and comes with Semi Skeleton that partially exposed mechanism blend maturity. The flat sapphire crystal brings maximum clarity to the viewing...

    $557.00 $497.00
  • Orient Star Skeleton WZ0031DX

    Orient Star Skeleton WZ0031DX

    On sales now at lower price on this Orient Star WZ0031DX Champagne Gold dial skeleton that comes with mechanical hand winding, spherical sapphire glass, and has hand-stitched matte-tone crocodile leather band. This Orient...

    $1,991.00 $1,826.00
  • WZ0191DK

    Orient Star WZ0191DK Semi Skeleton

    Price down now on this Orient Star Semi Skeleton WZ0191DK (or aka. SDK05002D0) that comes with Power Reserve Indicator, Caliber 40S62, 24 Jewels, Semi Skeleton, and has Stainless Steel Case Material. This Orient WZ0191DK is...

    $583.00 $528.00
  • Orient Star Open Heart Limited RE-DK0001L / RK-DK0001L

    Still available for sales on this rare Orient Star Semi Skeleton RE-DK0001L (or as known in Japan as RK-DK0001L) that has a limited number of 2000 pcs. worldwide and it comes with Power Reserve Indicator. This Orient RK-DK0001L is a...

    $1,133.00 $1,018.00
  • Orient Star RK-AM0005S Moon Phase Semi Skeleton

    On sales this latest model of the Orient Star RK-AM0005S Semi Skeleton that features the Moon Phase dial, Spherical sapphire glass both side (with SAR coating), and Power reserve display. This Orient RK-AM0005S is a JDM...

    $1,512.00 $1,367.00
  • Orient Star RK-HH0001S Semi Skeleton

    Best buy from Japan on this Orient Star Semi Skeleton Mechanical Automatic watch RK-HH0001S that comes with Stainless steel Case and Crocodile leather with Spherical sapphire glass. This Orient RK-HH0001S is a JDM...

    $1,154.00 $1,034.00
  • Orient Star WZ0041DA Semi Skelton

    Price down now on this Orient Star WZ0041DA Classic Automatic Semi Skelton watch that comes Sapphire glass with anti-reflection coating, see-through back, and Stainless steel case. This WZ0041DA Semi Skelton is a JDM (Japanese...

    $551.00 $491.00