Presage Mechanical 6R

Presage Mechanical 6R

Our inventory of Seiko watches features some of the most stylish mechanical timepieces available. One model with the broadest appeal – the Seiko Presage Mechanical 6R – is a high-quality item that embodies traditional Japanese aesthetics with precision craftsmanship. Its elegant styling and visible movement make it perfect from those times when you are dressed to look your very best. It is a truly stand out watch whose excellence is rarely found outside of Japan!

  • SARX045

    Seiko SARX045 Presage Deep Blue Tuxedo Dial

    Special offer from Japan on this Deep Blue Tuxedo stripes Dial Seiko SARX045 Presage that features with "H-link" style bracelet, satin brushed polished finishing, and has 21,600 BPH (3 Hertzs) with hacking and hand winding capabilities...

    $683.00 $608.00
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  • SARW013

    Seiko Presage Urushi Dial SARW013

    Price down now on this Seiko Urushi Printed Dial SARW013 that comes with Crocodile Leather Belt, Curved Sapphire glass, Hardlex See-through back, 29 Jewels, and with 6R27 Movement. This Seiko Presage SARW013 is a JDM...

    $1,188.00 $1,068.00
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  • SARX035

    Seiko Presage SARX035

    On sales again in Japan at lower price for this Seiko Mechanical Automatic SARX035 that features Stainless Steel Case/Bracelet, Back See-through Hardlex, and Sapphire Crystal, and has 6R15 Movement. This Presage SARX035 is a JDM...

    $884.00 $794.00
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  • SARD011 Presage

    Seiko SARD011 Presage Lacquer Dial

    Price down now on this Seiko SARD011 Presage Mechanical Automatic winding Urushi that featured with Lacquer Dial, 31 Jewels, Caliber 6R24, Stainless steel Case material, and Crocodile Leather Belt. This Seiko SARD-011 is a JDM...

    $1,558.00 $1,408.00
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  • SARD012

    Seiko SARD012 Presage Lacquer Dial

    Still available for sales at best price on this Seiko Presage SARD012 that featured with Lacquer Dial, 31 Jewels, Pink Gold color plated Case material, and Crocodile Leather Belt. Specifications: Stainless steel (Pink Gold...

  • Seiko Presage Blue Enamel

    Seiko Presage Blue Enamel SARX053

    Back in stock again for a few units on this Seiko Presage Blue Enamel SARX053 or as known outside of Japan as SPB069J1 that has the dial is vitreous enamel done in a dark, midnight blue, with 6R15, a self-winding movement with 50 hours of power...

  • SARW039

    Seiko Shippo Enamel Multi-Hand SARW039 / SPB073

    Price down from Japan now on this Seiko Presage Shippo SPB073 that combines a classic three-hander with a calendar sub-dial and a power reserve indicator, and has white lacquered Roman numerals index, as well as wavy blue enamel dial. This...

    $1,953.00 $1,778.00
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  • SARX049

    Seiko Presage SARX049 with Enamel Dial

    Best price from Japan on this Seiko Presage SARX049 that come with an Enamel Dial, multi hand automatic, Dual Curved Sapphire Glass with Anti-reflective coating, and Crocodile Band material. This Seiko SARX049 is a JDM...

    $883.00 $793.00
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  • Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SARW049 / SPB093

    Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SARW049 / SPB093

    Set new fashion standards by wearing SARW049 Presage watch with Japanese porcelain dial or as know outside of Japan as Ref # SPB093J1 / SPB093. Its case is crafted with care using top quality stainless steel that gives it a classy look. Besides, stylish...

    $2,278.00 $2,068.00
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  • SARX003

    Seiko Presage SARX003 Mechanical Upgrade Line

    Price down again on this Seiko Presage SARX003 Mechanical Upgrade Line that comes with Sapphire Crystal, Caseback Window, 6R15 Caliber with 24 Jewels, and it's made in Japan 100 percent! This Presage SARX-003 is a JDM (Japanese...

    $603.00 $533.00
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  • SARA015

    Seiko Presage Snowflake SARA015 / SJE073J1

    On sales from Japan at best price for this Seiko Presage Snowflake Limited Edition 1881 pcs Ref. SARA015 or as known internationally as SJE073J1 that comes with Movement # 6L35 and has ainless steel case with Diamond shield hard coating...

    $2,732.00 $2,487.00
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