Prospex Automatic

Prospex Automatic Diver

Watches from Seiko are known for their durability. Their designs and the tough materials used in their construction make them ideal for active lifestyles. The Seiko Prospex Diver is no different. It has a stainless steel casing with a super hard coating that allows it to stand up to harsh conditions. This water-resistant watch isn’t just tough, though, as its user-friendly design and sleek lines make it a piece that truly leaves an impression. The Prospex Diver Automatic boasts the ISO 6425 watermark, indicating that is certified to function up to 300 meters underwater.

  • Prospex Master Series SBDC041 Transocean

    Prospex Master Series SBDC041 Transocean

    We sell directly from Japan at best price for this Seiko Prospex Transocean Diver Scuba SBDC041 that comes with Stainless steel case with Black Ion Finish, Black Zirconia Ceramic Bezel, and Sapphire crystal. This Transocean...

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  • Seiko Prospex Master Series SBDC037

    Seiko Prospex Master Series SBDC037

    We sell best price on this Seiko Prospex SBDC037 that comes with White Zirconia Ceramic Bezel, Sapphire crystal, Stainless steel case with Diamond shield, and back pink gold color plated. This Seiko Transocean  SBDC037 is a JDM...

    $1,106.00 $996.00
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  • Seiko Prospex Diver SBDC039 TransOcean

    Seiko Prospex Diver SBDC039 TransOcean

    Still available for sales on this rare Seiko TransOcean SBDC039 that features with Black Zirconia Ceramic Bezel, Stainless steel case with Diamond shield, and Sapphire crystal with anti-fogging coating. This Prospex Master...

    $1,122.00 $1,027.00
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  • Seiko SBDC045 TransOcean

    Seiko SBDC045 TransOcean Zero Halliburton

    Now on sales for this Seiko SBDC045 Transocean series LE Black Zero Halliburton collaborated that comes with black analog dial and sapphire crystal and has Black Zirconia Ceramic Bezel. Specifications: Mechanical Automatic (with hand...

  • Prospex SBDC043 Transocean

    Prospex SBDC043 Transocean Zero Halliburton

    Price down now on this Limited Corroboration Zero Halliburton x Seiko Prospex SBDC043 Transocean series that features with silver-white analog dial, and sapphire crystal and Ceramic Bezel Material. This SBDC043 Prospex...

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  • Seiko Prospex SBDC029

    Seiko Prospex SBDC029 Shogun

    Price down now on this Seiko Prospex SBDC029j Shogun that comes with 200m for diver, Unidirectional rotating titanium bezel and 6R15 movement and has Titanium case & bracelet with the scratch proof finish. This Prospex SBDC029 is...

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