Quartz Movement

Orient Quartz Movement

Orient’s reputation for excellence is on full display with the Orient Panda style watches. The precise Orient quartz watch movement keeps your watch reliable, while the classical analog styling looks great in both formal and informal settings. Whether you need a new timepiece for the office or want a watch that will stand up to the toughest workouts at the gym, Orient bambino quartz has the accuracy that is perfect for you.

  • WV0041TX

    Orient Panda WV0041TX Solar Neo70's

    We are now selling directly from Japan on this Made In Japan Orient Panda Neo70's Solar Chronograph Ref# WV0041TX that comes with 24h Dial Display, 1/5 Sec Stopwatch, and Stainless Steel Case and Bezel. BRAND NEW - READY TO SHIP -...

  • WV0011UZ

    Orient Panda WV0011UZ Quartz Neo70's

    Special price direct from Japan on this Quartz version of  Orient Panda Neo70's Chronograph WV0011UZ that comes with Crystal glass, 24h Dial Display, 1/5 Sec Stopwatch, and Stainless Steel Case and bracelet...

    $179.00 $144.00
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  • Orient Sun Moon Ladies Made In Japan RN-KA0003S

    We sell directly from Japan on this Orient Ladies Watch Sun and Moon RN-KA0003S (or known outside of Japan as RA-KA0006S10B) that features Quartz Movement, Multi-needle analog, Spherical sapphire glass, and White Dial color...

    $248.00 $208.00
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