5 Reasons a Japanese Watch is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

5 Reasons a Japanese Watch is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

8th Oct 2019

If you’re looking for good investment watches, ordering fine Japanese watches from Shopping In Japan is a great choice. Japanese watchmakers have earned the respect of consumers the world over with their precision timepieces and unique styling. Beyond consumers who simply seek a stylish way to tell time, these watches have begun to garner attention from those who acquire fine timepieces with intent to turn a profit.

Watches As Investments

Some people don’t appreciate the value of watches as good investment choices. The truth is, however, that quality watches have long been seen as distinctive items of value. Watches have traditionally been expensive luxury items, often made with precious metals and decorative artistry. The transition of watches to low-grade consumer goods only recently emerged with the advent of mass manufacturing processes and cheaper materials that allowed low production costs while still being accurate enough to be functional.

Good investment watches won’t be found in the bargain bin at your local department store. They need to be fine, sought-after timepieces that will maintain their perceived value--or better yet, see increased demand over time. The greatest challenge is determining which watches to invest your money into. After all, no investment is certain. Anytime you invest, you are risking your money by making a prediction that you will be able to sell the commodity, whether it be oil, gold, or stocks, at a higher price on a future date.

Why Japanese Watches Are Good Investment Options

Fine Japanese timepieces like Shopping In Japan watches are becoming favorites for collectors who use watches as a way to build wealth. When choosing an investment careful thought, planning, and experience will ensure an optimal return on your investment. By finding the investment pieces you think are most likely to increase in value--and being right more often than not--you will position your collection for growth.

There are many reasons you should choose to add Japanese watches to your collection. If you are not already a collector, you will reap considerable rewards from starting a collection of good investment watches from Japan.

  • Reputation - Japanese watchmakers have risen to prominence in recent years, beginning to rival Swiss watchmakers in popularity and prestige. Powered by major manufacturers like SeikoCasio, and Citizen, they adorn wrists at Fortune 500 board rooms, the most popular clubs, and major sporting events. Japanese watches have become go-to timepieces for the most discerning of connoisseurs, both on the Island of Japan and internationally.

    This is important for investors to know because current demand can be a great starting point for predicting future demand. If a particular watch is generally unknown or not viewed with respect by collectors today, it’s less likely that collectors in the future will be willing to pay even more for it. By choosing a popular timepiece, you’re gaining a valuable timepiece for your portfolio.

  • Quality - One of the reasons Japanese watches make good investment choices is their high-quality standards. From traditional quartz movement to the latest electronic watches and even digital timepieces, they’re known for unsurpassed accuracy. With cases and bezels made with premium materials and durable straps, they’re a testament to precision engineering.

    When choosing good investment watch options, you want a watch that will withstand the test of time. You need a timepiece that will function as well when you seek to sell it as it did when you first purchased it. It needs to retain its appearance and offer the new purchaser the same premium watch experience it offered you. A high-quality watch is more likely to retain its value in the long term.

    Japanese watches

  • Highly Collectable - Japanese watches are incredibly popular. The secondary market for these sought-after timepieces is flourishing. With an array of styles, they offer watches that fit in anywhere, and people are rewarding this versatility by shopping Japanese watches in increasing numbers. While this includes plenty of in-store purchases, it also includes buying watches from Shopping In Japan and local resellers.

    One predictor of which watch is a good investment is whether or not there is existing demand outside its normal sales channels. This indicates a level of interest from potential buyers to go above and beyond to find the watch model they’re looking for. Many Japanese watches are made for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) only, making non-traditional sales channels the only way to acquire them outside the country. This creates a scarcity that can lead to a significant increase in values.

  • Rare Editions Abound - JDM watches are not readily available outside of the island of Japan, and limited-edition models are truly scarce. Often made to signify special events, honor organizations, or mark other occasions, these limited runs can add an extra challenge to the act of collecting. If you’re seeking a new collection that will truly require a lifetime labor of love, Japanese watches may be the ideal option for you.

    Limited edition watches are a good investment because the smaller quantities put a premium on these masterpieces. There are fewer for collectors to find and acquire, forcing motivated buyers to pay extra for them. Watches that were only released in a single, limited-run are perfectly placed for potential growth in value.

  • Proven Commodities - Because of their popularity, quality, and collectability, Japanese watches are already popular investments. Collectors are already gaining wealth by trading in rare and historical models from Japan’s biggest names, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. With an established market, fanbase, and interest in Japanese timepieces, they’re good investment watches for both those knowledgeable in this specialized niche and those new to investing.

Finding Your Authentic Japanese Watches

Shopping In Japan watches are available directly from the Japanese marketplace and include hard-to-find JDM models not available anywhere else in the world. If you’re ready to order the best watches in the world for your collection, we’ve got you covered with fast shipping anywhere in the world. Order a good investment watch that will increase in value from Shopping In Japan today.