Seiko solar watch or Seiko mechanical counter option?

Seiko solar watch or Seiko mechanical counter option?

1st Dec 2021

Watches are an essential part of one’s wardrobe, not to mention that they always tell a story, unlike jewellery that is meant for decoration. Now there are endless types of watches to suit your palate and there are a lot of different movements that the watches utilise. The most common one, the mechanical movement, has a drawback that almost everyone has faced – running out of the battery. If our story stops suddenly, it shall give us a time lag (hypothetically, of course!), but the Seiko Solar watches could prevent this from happening as they feature rechargeable batteries.

Don’t worry, you’ll not need to meticulously take out the batteries and keep them on charge overnight with your phones, as they are photovoltaic cells. It got its name, “solar”, from the technology used in solar energy. These watches draw power from light sources, sunlight being the most reliable one, to power the internal movement. But there is no hassle of walking with your wrist upwards to the sun, basking in sunlight every day as it can generate power from all types of light; although a torchlight will impart less charge than the sunlight will. A fully charged Seiko solar watch can last up to 6 months, even when locked in a box. The only drawback is that if the watch is kept longer in the dark, you’ll have to reset the time again the next time you take it out of its cave and if a solar watch stops working, it’ll take time for it to recharge. So, you can prevent this from happening by keeping the watch out in direct sunlight to charge whenever you can.

Now that we have dusted the disadvantages out of the way, let’s focus on the advantages of a Seiko Solar watch. The first and foremost is the solar energy powered movement, which will anyhow top the list. Next, the Seiko rechargeable battery has a life span of around 10 years, which gives you a decade of worry-free timekeeping. One more advantage of the Seiko solar watches is their accuracy, which cannot be topped by any other movement. Another-level accuracy coupled with a long-life span marks the reliability chart to the top in terms of a dependable watch. Now talking about the lack of requirement for replacing batteries, the solar watch comes off as a great environment-friendly option. The thrown away electric batteries pollute the environment, so what’s better than feeling handsome, charming and proud of your delicate accessory on the wrist?

The advantages easily overpower the disadvantages in the case of the Seiko solar-powered range. It comes off as a worry-free, grab-to-go, environment-friendly and accurate timekeeping option with low maintenance in comparison to other mechanical watches. There are other solar watches than Seiko out there, but witnessing the great heritage and evolution of Seiko watches guarantee us an aesthetic and optimally functional watch. The brand has proved its artistry and quality with the blend of timeless Japanese craftsmanship and aestheticism. Hopping onto the milestones, it has come up with many firsts, never letting its passionate followers down. The world-popular Seiko Astron 5X Series offers a great range for your choicest selection. Order one today!