The 5 Cool JDM Watch Features You Should Know About

The 5 Cool JDM Watch Features You Should Know About

1st Aug 2019

Whether you’re a fan of all things Japan or love the look and feel of a fine timepiece, JDM, SeikoCasioOrient, or Citizen watches are a great choice for your wrist. These hard-to-find watches are sought after among collectors who are looking for something unique. For many fans, one of these watches is the cornerstone of their collection, giving their watch collections a comment-worthy centerpiece to build around.

For Japanese Sale Only

JDM watches are meant only for the Japanese Domestic Market, giving these watches their moniker. While not illegal to export, they aren’t intended for export by the manufacturers, who don’t market them outside Japan. Unlike some countries, Japanese watchsmiths often keep their best merchandise for domestic sales, although exported Japanese watches already enjoy a reputation for quality, accuracy, and dependability.

Because JDM watches are so sought after, they are frequently the target of counterfeiters. Using substandard parts, flimsy cases, and dials molded to look like a premium Japanese watch, these knock-offs have nowhere near the quality of a true JDM masterpiece. These are often passed off to foreign buyers as authentic at ridiculously low prices to encourage them not to ask questions, just send money. The result is no quality and a poor substitute that is embarrassing to wear.

How We Source Our JDM Watches

We acquire our watches by using trained buyers to find the best deals in the Japanese marketplace on the hottest watches we know our customers will love. These are brand new watches with real serial numbers from the manufacturer. In most cases, both the original packaging and a manufacturer’s warranty help complete your premium Japanese watch experience.

What Makes JDM Watches So Unique

  1. They’re manufactured to Japanese regulations and standards. Goods made for export often get less scrutiny than those made for domestic sale, as the standards for imported goods in the receiving country are not as stringent. Japanese standards are incredibly strict and precise, requiring a sophisticated level of consistency and quality control. Japanese fine watches are among the best in the world, and JDM watches are among the best in Japan.
  2. Watches made for the domestic market often use a different movement than those for export. While there may not be a standard set for movements, domestic watches often receive a more premium, accurate action than those made for export. As an example, Seiko’s 4r movement is one of their most used in export watches. This is a good, precise choice. JDM watches, however, are usually made with a 6r or 8r movement that is even more precise, with additional care taken to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  3. They are offered with better finishes and coatings. Many manufacturers add additional protections to domestic watches, such as Seiko’s Dialshield crystal coating. Dialshield itself is not exclusive to Japan-only models, however, it only makes it onto the most premium exported watches. For domestic production, however, it is a standard feature that local consumers have come to expect.

    An 18k gold Grand Seiko watch.

  4. They are more exclusive than other watches. When you have a watch that’s only available in the markets on the island of Japan, the odds of running into someone sporting the same timepiece are low. More than that, many JDM watches are produced in only limited runs. If only 1000 units of your new watch were ever made, and the majority were only able to be purchased by Japanese citizens in their local stores, then you are truly getting a timepiece that’s the next best thing to one-of-a-kind in your daily life.
  5. Their quality and rarity make them highly collectible. When you factor in the noted reputation of Japanese watches worldwide, the limited nature of many releases, and the scarcity of new JDM watches that actually make it out of Japanese territory, each timepiece becomes a premium commodity that is sought after by collectors. While not every watch is a good “investment piece”, like any artistic masterpiece, some of the rarest and most sought after watches become commodities in their own right. There is a thriving secondary market in JDM watches where collectors work to complete collections and are always on the lookout for something special.

The Best Of The Best

Without a doubt, JDM watches offer a tremendous value and a chance to own a beautiful and functional piece of Japanese culture. Whether you’re looking for a classic  Grand Seiko, an ultra-modern Casio Oceanus, or the sophisticated stylings of a Citizen ProMaster Sky, there are JDM watches that will look great on your wrist and perfect in your collection.

We’re proud to bring you the top tech, watches, and accessories from Japan. If you need additional information about any of our products, please  contact us here and one of our customer service experts will be happy to help. Order your new JDM watches online from Shopping In Japan today.