The Japanese Movement Watch Features You Should Know About

The Japanese Movement Watch Features You Should Know About

4th Nov 2019

Japanese movement watches have become known for their accuracy, craftsmanship, and innovative watch features that are difficult to find outside of Japan. These features can add additional functionality, make your hobbies easier, or are just nice to have. Part of finding the perfect watch for your wrist or collection is understanding the options that are available to you when considering a fine Japanese timepiece.

Japan’s History Of Fine Watchmaking

Japan was already becoming known for its timepieces when electronic Japanese movement watches changed the industry. Since then, traditional quartz and electronic movements have been joined by a range of options, from wholly digital to watches that regularly adjust their time from radio waves. Despite keeping an eye toward the future, however, these timepieces are still firmly rooted in the traditions that produced watches rivaling those of the Swiss, the standard by which much of the Western world measures a timepiece’s quality. For many people, this has created the perfect blend of contemporary and classic attributes, making Japanese movement watches some of the most sought after in the world.

Some Of The Hottest Japanese Watch Features

Japanese made watches aren’t resting on their laurels or avoiding change. Rather, manufacturers have consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to creating exciting new visions of what watches can be. In some cases, you can find the technology piloted by Japanese movement watches being adapted (with varied success) in other watch brands. In many cases, other makers are nowhere close.

  • Solar - Every watch aficionado has had a battery go bad at some point. First your watch starts losing minutes or seconds, and eventually, it just stops. Solar watches capture the power of the sun as you go about your day, making sure your battery stays full and fresh.
  • Self-Winding or Automatic - These watches have a mainspring like traditional timepieces, but instead of winding it manually, the motion of your arm continuously winds it automatically, keeping it ready to tell time for you.
  • Atomic - Atomic Japanese movement watches are some of the most accurate timekeepers on Earth because they are regularly synced via low-frequency radio waves with an atomic clock. This bases your timekeeping on the frequency of electrons changing states in an atom at an internationally recognized timekeeping facility.
  • Bluetooth - The perfect watch feature for the tech-savvy aficionado, Bluetooth connectivity is increasingly being included in Japanese made watches. This lets you connect your watch to a smartphone, adding functionality and integrating your watch into your favorite device. With a connection, Japanese movement watches can have their time fine-tuned for better accuracy, keep track of time in an app, or help you find your phone when it slips between couch cushions.
  • DiversWatches for divers may not be a new innovation, but Japanese manufacturers consistently keep their offerings current and relevant for the water sports community. Diving watches are resistant to water at deeper depths and offer timing functions tailored for submersion with large, easily read dials.
  • Chronographs - When accurate timekeeping is a necessity, you can’t beat the functions a chronograph offers. With several hands suited for increasingly minute increments of time and the ability to use your timepiece as a stopwatch, compass, and more, these watches offer the options that matter when precision is vital.

    Japanese made watches

  • Atmospheric Monitoring - Some Japanese movement watches are made with the technology to keep you apprised of atmospheric conditions in real-time. This includes temperature, barometric pressure, and your altitude among other data. Whether you love to hike or frequently find yourself traveling it’s a great way to keep track of the conditions around you.
  • World Time - Speaking of traveling, if you live out of a suitcase, it’s easy to lose track of what time it is at home or at your home office. Many Japanese made watches can either keep track of multiple time zones or automatically adjust to the new time zone you find yourself in today.
  • GPS - You may be familiar with GPS on your smart device. It uses signals from satellites orbiting the Earth to give you your exact location to within feet. Watches with GPS do the same thing, an invaluable feature to any outdoor enthusiast on land, sea, or air.
  • Shock Absorption - An important watch feature if you live an active lifestyle, many Japanese movement watches are designed to resist damage from jolts, impacts, and bumps, keeping accurate time no matter how rough-and-tumble your job or hobbies get. In addition, resistance to damage from electrical shocks and magnetic interference is also common.
  • Limited Editions - Some people feel that short production runs aren’t their most desired feature, but when you want to put on something special that fulfills a passion of yours, a limited edition watch could be the one for you.

Finding The Right Watch For You

With so many options, it can be hard to choose the right watch for you. Start by considering your lifestyle. Which features will blend seamlessly into your current routine? While there are many high quality watches out there, if they won’t easily fit into your lifestyle, they may not be right for you. Next, decide what you want your watch to say about you. Japanese movement watches run the style-gamut from sporty to professional. Decide where you need your statement piece to make its statement, and chose a bezel and band style that gets the job done.

Japan’s Finest Gear

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