You Aren't Wearing Your Watch Right If You Don't Follow These Dress Code Tips

You Aren't Wearing Your Watch Right If You Don't Follow These Dress Code Tips

15th Apr 2022

Remind yourself why you got a watch. It wasn't just to check the time. You have your phone to do that for you now. So, what exactly keeps a watch in vogue now, even when its sole purpose has been fulfilled by far advanced devices. I'll tell you why: because no phone, laptop, or any other device can have you picturing yourself walking in slo-mo in your perfect outfit with your perfect life leaving the world's jaw hanging open.

That being said, I have seen more mishaps than I could count by people who had their imaginations lost in the practical approach. Hence, here I am, blogging these key factors so that you don't end up as a reference on someone else's blog as a "fashion don't".

Underlining the Formality

Believe it or not, the popular myth that expensive, flashy watches ALWAYS work for formal wear needs to be hunted down and locked in a basement. Whoever came with the theory that expensive, high-end watches are the only watches acceptable in formal events either didn't have good taste or simply were an unfortunately relevant rumormonger. Either way, the bottom line is always to consider quality over the price. There are highly priced watches that would look like a joke on a dress code occasion.

Black Tie/White Tie Occasion

For any such occasion, the trick is to keep it as simple as possible. A leather strap, a classic design, a mediocre-sized dial, and nothing that would make your wrist look like the Queen of Tacky. Your go-to for this occasion is a dress watch.

Dressing Up for the Business Occasion

You're meeting the corporate clients, the conversation is serious, and the atmosphere is stern. Imagine wearing a thick-dial watch with a gold skull embellishment to this meeting. Maybe some less conservative gentlemen will let it pass but you never know the kind of clients you will be seeing. Go for a minimalist gold or silver metal watch with a thin dial.

Besides, a skull-designed watch is probably a no for all occasions, formal, business, or casual. When on a formal business appointment, wear a dress or diver watch. If it is a little casual, all types of watches are good.

Flaunting the Casual Look

While formal occasions are fairly easy, it's the casual events that can have you scratching your head. You need a watch that will go with your jeans, flip flops, T-shirts with odd messages, and whatnot. Try a waterproof watch or a digital/smartwatch with casual outfits.

Again, whether it is a chronograph, diver, dress, field, or pilot style watch, all types of wristwatches go well for a casual occasion.

The Sportswear Look

When it comes to an athlete's gear, functionality is above style. That means the watch should have accurate readability of time and offer other metrics and readings that can be helpful during the activities. Please don't go for dress watches because no matter how stylish or expensive they look, they are not gonna work in your favour (and dare I say, they would look absolutely dorky). Another important tip to remember is that sports watches with rubber or NATO straps are great since they can withstand damage better than other watches.

Material to Material Match

Matching your watch with the material of your shoes can be an interesting approach. You don't exactly need to match the colors but keep the tone of the shoes and the watch similar. If you have a larger collection of shoes, get a watch with interchangeable straps.

Matching Bracelet Bands with Your Outfit

The conventional way to match your watches with your outfit is by pairing black with silver and brown with golden. That means if your shoes or belts are black, grey, silver, or blue, a silver watch would be preferably better. Pair golden strapped watches with earthy tones and that ought to complete the look.

So, these are some handy cool guide tips for your next look makeover. Watch it right!