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Whether you need one of the best stopwatches for swimming or you need precision accuracy for a world-class running meet, a Seiko stopwatch is the perfect choice. Engineered by some of the finest watchmakers in the world, Seiko is known for durable, accurate stopwatches that are trusted at the highest levels of competition. They’ve provided the official timekeeping equipment for sporting events of all types, and, and at Shopping in Japan, you can afford a premium Seiko competition timepiece direct from Japan.

  • Seiko S149 Integrated Printer Stopwatch

    Seiko S149 Integrated Printer Stopwatch

    On sales now directly from Japan at best price for this Seiko S149 Integrated Printer Stopwatch or as known as SVAS007 that features clear, Split/lap time measurement, Multiple event memory, Memory segregated by event, Store and...

    $394.00 $344.00
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  • Seiko Game Timer S321 Analog Stopwatch

    Best buy from Japan for this Seiko Game Timer SSBJ018 or as know as S321 Analog Display Stopwatch that features with many Timer functions, and it can counts up to 60 minutes in seconds, graphic timer display, Rotary switch, and etc. We are Top...

    $102.00 $72.00
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  • seiko svae301

    Seiko S058 Electrolumines​cent 100 Memory Stopwatch

    Price down now on this Seiko S058 Electrolumines​cent (interval backlight) 100 Memory Stopwatch that has the Electro-Luminescent backlight illuminates display. It comes with two seperate displays for split and lap time measurements, and many others...

    $121.00 $86.00
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  • SVAJ003

    Seiko S061 Solar Stopwatch (Replaces S056)

    For sales from Japan on this Seiko S061 or the newer version of S056 but comes with Solar powered (does not require battery replacement), Standard Timer 300 memory, Full auto calendar, and only available in Japan! NEW MODEL & AVAILABLE ONLY IN...

    $114.00 $79.00
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  • svax001

    Seiko S351 Stopwatch Multi-Media Producer

    On sales from Japan at best price for this Seiko S351 (SVAX001) Stopwatch Multi-Media Producer comes in perfect for audio and video production environments and can automatically calculates to common tasks such as intro, backtime, etc. Hours, minutes,...

    $151.00 $116.00
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  • Seiko S062 Interval Timer Solar (Replaces S057)

    Seiko S062 Interval Timer Solar (Replaces S057)

    For sales best price on this Seiko S062 stopwatch (replaces S057) comes with new Solar Powered, with two years in power saving mode and 300 Memory recall function. The Seiko S062 also has Upgraded water resistance for daily use (5...

    $127.00 $87.00
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  • Seiko SP12 Printer for Stopwatch S143

    Sales from Japan on this Seiko SP12 Printer for stopwatches that allows timing data to be printed quickly and easily after being recorded and compatible with the Seiko S123, S143 and the S149 Printer Stopwatch. Specifications: Prints 13...

    $188.00 $148.00
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  • SBEB009

    Seiko Prospex SBEB009 Mount Fuji Limited

    Price down now for this Seiko Prospex SBEB009 Mount Fuji World Cultural Heritage Limited edition (1500 units) that offers the Solar Power, altimeter, pressure, temparature, and compass. We are Top Rated Seller since 2009...