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Get your hands on a cutting edge timepiece with one of our Citizen watches. These watches focus on innovation and craftsmanship like no other brand for a distinct Japanese style recognized throughout the world. With a variety of models like the Promaster Sky Pilot, Attesa Super Titanium, and Exceed Eco-Drive One, there are plenty of opportunities to find a Citizen timepiece that suits your style. Find the right Citizen watches for your needs with hassle-free shipping at Shopping in Japan today.

  • BY0064-53E

    Citizen Exceed BY0064-53E Eco-Drive Solar Atomic

    For sales Citizen Exceed BY0064-53E Eco-Drive Atomic watch comes with Caliber U610, Titanium case and band, Chronograph, and has Shock detection function. This Citizen BY0064-53E Eco-Drive is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watch...

    $1,443.00 $1,298.00
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  • CC2004-59E

    Citizen F100 Satellite Wave CC2004-59E Limited

    On sales again from Japan at best price for this Citizen F100 Satellite Wave CC2004-59E LIGHT in BLACK chocolate and rose Limited version that to be available only 2000pcs worldwide. Specifications: Caliber F100 ± 5 seconds /...

    $1,713.00 $1,558.00
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  • CC2006-53E

    Citizen F100 Satellite Wave GPS CC2006-53E

    We are now selling lower price of this Citizen F100 Satellite Wave GPS CC2006-53E that comes with the world's thinnest light-powered satellite synchronized watch receives satellite signals faster than any other, keeping accurate time anywhere...

    $1,591.00 $1,446.00
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  • Citizen F900 Satellite Wave CC9000-51A

    Citizen F900 Satellite Wave CC9000-51A

    Best price on this Citizen F900 CC9000-51A that comes with Super Titanium Silver Case Duratect DLC+MRK, Eco-Drive Satellite Wave, Sapphire glass, and Chronograph. We are Top Rated Seller since 2009. Buy with confidence or feel free to...

  • BN2021-03E

    Citizen Promaster Aqualand BN2021-03E

    Price down now on this Citizen Diver Promaster Aqualand BN2021-03E that comes with water depth pressure sensor for diver, Maximum depth display function, Caliber J250, and Emerg warning function. This Citizen BN2021-03E is a...

    $828.00 $738.00
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  • Citizen BN2024-05E

    Citizen Promaster Aqualand BN2024-05E

    Price down now on this Promaster Aqualand BN2024-05E that offers with depth pressure sensor technology, Eco-Drive Solar Powered, Emerg warning function, and waterproof 200 meter. This Aqualand BN2024-05E is a JDM (Japanese...

    $834.00 $744.00
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  • Promaster Marine PMD56-3083

    Citizen Promaster Marine PMD56-3083 Eco Drive

    Price down on this sporty looks of the Promaster Marine PMD56-3083 Eco-Drive watch that offers Stainless steel Iron Plating material case, Crystal glass, and Power save function. This Citizen PMD56-3083 is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

    $487.00 $427.00
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  • Citizen AQ1020-51A Eco-Drive

    Citizen AQ1020-51A Eco-Drive Titanium

    For sales best price on this Citizen AQ1020-51A that comes with Super titanium case with White plating, Eco-Drive Solar, Perpetual calendar, ± 5 seconds Accuracy per year, and has Caliber A010. This Citizen AQ1020-51A is a JDM...

    $3,136.00 $2,856.00
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  • Citizen AQ1020-51E Eco-Drive Titanium

    On sales now at best price for the Citizen AQ1020-51E Solar Eco-Drive that comes with Super Titanium case with White plating, Perpetual calendar, Black Dial, and Dual spherical sapphire glass. This Citizen AQ1020-51E is a JDM...

    $3,136.00 $2,856.00
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  • Attesa ATD53-3092 Eco-Drive

    Citizen Attesa ATD53-3092 Eco-Drive Solar

    Still available for sales on this Citizen Attesa ATD53-3092 Eco-Drive Solar watch comes with Solar Power, Titanium Case and Band, and Perpetual Calendar, with Caliber number H148. This Attesa ATD53-3092 is a JDM (Japanese...

  • CB3010-57L

    Citizen Attesa CB3010-57L Eco-Drive

    Price down now on this Citizen CB3010-57L Eco-Drive solar that comes with blue dial color, and has bracelet of Super Titanium with the Duratect protective coating made it 40% lighter than stainless steel. This Attesa CB3010-57L...

    $501.00 $446.00
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