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Get your hands on a cutting edge timepiece with one of our Citizen watches. These watches focus on innovation and craftsmanship like no other brand for a distinct Japanese style recognized throughout the world. With a variety of models like the Promaster Sky Pilot, Attesa Super Titanium, and Exceed Eco-Drive One, there are plenty of opportunities to find a Citizen timepiece that suits your style. Find the right Citizen watches for your needs with hassle-free shipping at Shopping in Japan today.

  • AB9000-01A

    Citizen Chronomaster AB9000-01A Leather Strap

    Buy from Japan at best price for the Citizen Chronomaster AB9000-01A that comes with Sapphire glass, White plating, Crocodile Leather Strap, Caliber A060, and has Battery life warning function. Specifications: Caliber #...

  • The Citizen AB9000-61E Chronomaster

    Best price from Japan on The Citizen AB9000-61E that comes with black dial, Sapphire glass, White plating, Battery life warning function, stainless steel case, and has Caliber A060. This Chronomaster AB9000-61E is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

    $2,207.00 $2,012.00
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  • Citizen AB9000-52L Chronomaster Blue

    Citizen AB9000-52L Chronomaster Blue

    On sales directly from Japan at best price for this Citizen Chronomaster AB9000-52L that comes with Caliber A060, Sapphire glass, White plating, Battery life warning function, and stainless steel case. This Citizen AB9000-52L is a JDM...

    $2,188.00 $1,993.00
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  • Citizen Chronomaster AQ4024-53Y Tosa Washi Paper

    We sell from Japan at best price for the Citizen Chronomaster Eco-Drive AQ4024-53Y that comes with Super titanium Duratect Case, Japanese Washi paper white dial, and Perpetual Calendar. This AQ4024-53Y Eco-Drive is a JDM (Japanese Domestic...

    $2,963.00 $2,703.00
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  • AQ4020-54Y

    The Citizen Chronomaster AQ4020-54Y

    Best price from Japan on this Citizen AQ4020-54Y Chronomaster Eco-Drive that has the Tosa Washi paper white dial, Super titanium Duratect Case, sapphire glass (99% Clarity coating), also comes with Caliber A060...

    $3,136.00 $2,856.00
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  • Citizen Chronomaster AQ4030-51E Tosa Washi Dial

    On sales from Japan at best price on this unique Citizen Chronomaster Tosa Washi Japanese paper AQ4030-51E that features black dial plate, Eco-Drive Solar, and has Super titanium Duratect Case. This Citizen AQ4030-51E is a JDM...

    $3,323.00 $3,028.00
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  • AQ4030-51A

    Citizen Chronomaster Paper Dial AQ4030-51A

    On sales again at best price for the Citizen AQ4030-51A Chronomaster that comes with Tosa Washi Japanese paper white dial plate, therewith with a transparent upper plate, and has Super titanium Duratect Case. This Citizen...

    $3,494.00 $3,184.00
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  • Citizen Attesa AT8040-57L

    Best price from Japan on this Citizen AT8040-57L Eco-Drive Solar that comes with Perfex Multi 3000 (4 area Atomic Radio Controlled), Blue Dial, Perpetual Calendar, Chronograph, and World time. This Attesa AT8040-57L is a JDM (Japanese...

    $744.00 $664.00
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  • CB3010-57L

    Citizen Attesa CB3010-57L Eco-Drive

    Price down now on this Citizen CB3010-57L Eco-Drive solar that comes with blue dial color, and has bracelet of Super Titanium with the Duratect protective coating made it 40% lighter than stainless steel. This Attesa CB3010-57L...

    $501.00 $446.00
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  • Citizen Promaster BN7020-09E Professional Diver 1000m

    For sales from Japan on this Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m BN7020-09E that designed for saturation diver to survive long periods of time in decompression chambers and also contains an automatic helium release valve...

    $2,144.00 $1,944.00
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  • Citizen AQ1020-51A Eco-Drive

    Citizen AQ1020-51A Eco-Drive Titanium

    For sales best price on this Citizen AQ1020-51A that comes with Super titanium case with White plating, Eco-Drive Solar, Perpetual calendar, ± 5 seconds Accuracy per year, and has Caliber A010. This Citizen AQ1020-51A is a JDM...

    $3,136.00 $2,856.00
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